Forge On - New Lasers!

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I've actually been working on ship movement again this week but I wanted to show you guys something cool so I added some fancy new lasers! Far superior to the old ones I would say.

 I have been trying to finalize some of the ship camera subtlety. Seeing as it's one of the most important things in the game I really want to get it right. There are a number of things I've been trying to incorporate including (but not limited to) quick combat / maneuvers, smooth and controlled motion, fast and sensible travel mechanics and controls that don't make the player feel like they have lost control over their ship. Additionally I need the ship to handle based on how the player has designed it. It's a really tall order. One which I have been thinking about since my first attempt at this game 3+ years ago but I think I've got it! The preliminary results are looking pretty good, just a few more tweaks and I can show it to you.

 Anyway, as promised lasers:

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