Forge On - Movement (Trusters / Travel Mechanics)

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This week was one of those weeks where the focus was on what I'm not going to do. Still progress but unfortunately that means not a whole lot to show.

 The big thing this week was attempting to get the travel mechanics working the way I want them. It's been more tricky than I was hoping. Allowing the player to turn without drag (like you would normally in space) is not terribly fun. I would like the player to have far more control over their ship. Still haven't quite figured this part of the puzzle out yet but it's at the forefront of my mind. Any ideas?

I've decided I don't really like the final result I got when allowing players to connect multiple parts to a single connection area. I will still be keeping the connection areas; they should still make for a great way to augment various parts / weapons on the connection areas. Weapons and other parts will likely still be able to placed multiple to a single connection area. Guess that is something I will have to verify once I get to that point.

 In order to try to show something off this week I did some work on the thrusters. That's what I have show in this video. To be honest I'm far happier with this iteration of the thrusters. Thinking of adding a white core to the thrusters, thoughts?

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